This photo was taken in 2005, inside the National Park of Saxon Switzerland in eastern Germany, south-east of Dresden. I carried that Nikon D100 with me for many years to try capture some of the amazing places I was lucky enough to experience.

About Me

I have attempted to create a representation of my photographic work here on this site. But, unfortunately, I could only manage to show off a fraction of the images I've captured over 20+ years.

Besides photography, I've always had a passion for Visualization, whether web, illustration, or even 3D renderings; the ability to take a thought or idea and translate it to the material plane is true magic to me. As a result, I strive to continue adding more tools to my toolbox to help me create compelling stories, no matter the media.

Pet Drawings / Digital Illustration

Immortalize your beloved pets in a digital illustration or other printed materials like canvas or greeting cards!

3D Product Renderings

Heated Towel Rack interior renderings 
Thank you to all the amazing people that have added such depth and flavor to my life and experiences, especially my parents who have encouraged my creative pursuits.
All images © 2001-2021 Peter Manidis
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I build custom Wordpress sites like this too!

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